on royalty and the diamond jubilee

May 17, 2012

The problem with wafting around the center ground and generally viewing the world through a liberal lens is the internal conflicts battling away inside my skull. To those who don’t quite grasp the fact that political and social views are never simply black and white, these would be labelled as hypercritical thoughts and beliefs.

I’m a firm believer that the world is one huge grey smudge. White at one end, black at the other, and lots and lots of fucking grey middle ground. Now, I am an atheist. I do not believe in any form of deity or creation theory – people are are more than entitled to their own beliefs, but that’s all they are. People are not entitled to their own facts.

‘Comment is free, but facts are sacred.’ 

So, logically if I don’t believe in God, then I don’t believe in any of the subsequent thoughts and doctrines. Which is why I struggle with the issue of Royalty. Our Queen, Liz, is sitting on the throne from birthright. An old, archaic tradition which basically dates back to the whole ‘divine right of kings’ fiasco. Ultimately, her family have got fucking lucky and she gets to be Queen and head of the CoE (Church of England). So clearly I don’t like the idea that we have a hereditary Head of State, someone that has power but no mandate from the people, only a mandate from the family she was born into.

The Head of State should be accountable to the people, surely? And here’s where my thoughts get blurry… our head of state’s job is basically to rubber-stamp laws to make sure everything is alright, and she does a good job of that (I could fucking do that job). She also has to attend State functions, ferried around the world meeting other State leaders and shaking hands and all that shit. She doesn’t actually have any real power to wield, she’s more a caretaker of the country (in my opinion). People are frustrated by her immense wealth and the luxuries she has, but is it really a life you’d want? She doesn’t have a real life, never has and never will. She can’t pop to the shops. She can’t do anything without someone being there to check on her, she only has her own family for ‘privacy’ and FUCK ME would you want to spend lots of time with them?

My thoughts are, if we were to live in a Republic with a President; wouldn’t it be similar to other countries? Would we have a Prime Minister and a President? Both just doing it for the fame and the ego trip, someone with a very short shelf life who will be forgotten. The Queen isn’t doing it for fame, I bet she fucking hates doing it, but she does it for us. For the UK, and it’s admirable that in 60 years she hasn’t embarrassed the UK or brought any controversy from her actions. Perhaps the best Head of State is a reluctant servant? She’s not at the whim of anyone but her people – she isn’t changing her behaviour to win the vote, she isn’t pandering to a party and she certainly isn’t in the pocket of an industry giants.

So yeah, I don’t know. I don’t like the idea of monarchy, but I think our Queen is one of the best Heads of States around. What’s the greater evil? An elected official who will pander to the electorate and not think in the long term best interests of the Country; or an unelected hereditary Head of State who does a pretty good job?

It’s tough. But I can’t help but love the idea that anyone in the USA can become the President. Not so much for any position over in the UK. I’ll leave you with a series of pictures of ole Queen with the Presidents of the past 60 years. It’s food for thought.


Doesn’t mean we should waste a shit ton of money on a party for her. Can’t she pay for that?


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